ASTP is working toward becoming an information hub for all things sunless tanning. Our goal is to provide sunless tanning professionals worldwide the resources they need to educate themselves, grow their businesses, elevate industry standards and provide professional and safe sunless tanning services.

We are also committed to giving you opportunities to connect with the people who do what you do. There is nothing like being in a room full of people who "get it", whether that be virtually or physically. The energy, the ideas, the friendships...that's what it's really all about. 

ASTP is an organization that is 100% committed to the sunless lifestyle. We view ourselves as beauty professionals and artists. While spray tanning may not require a license in most states, ensuring our members are educated about the many aspects of this industry is at the core of what we believe in. 

ASTP also in no way endorses ANY product or brand. We are committed to being a 100% unbiased source. We do have Vendor Partners who support ASTP through memberships and discounts to our members, but we encourage our members to explore and experience the wide variety of options available to them across the sunless industry.


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Recreating Rays Spray Tan Studio, Olathe, KS

Sunless tanning is my passion. It is what I was born to just didn't exist for most of my life.

Bringing the people of this industry together in a supportive and uplifting way that makes us all better spray tanning pros and business owners is my other passion. I have been lucky enough to fulfill that side of myself through ASTP and The Sunless Summit. This three year dream turned reality has been one challenge after another, but slowly but surely we are gaining traction and the industry is starting to take notice of what we are doing.

I am so proud to have brought this AMAZING group of sunless entrepreneurs together and I look forward to continuing to grow our membership and fostering new relationships in the years to come. I want to thank all of our founding members as well as our Vendor Partners for supporting our mission and for "getting it". This organization is nothing without you and your support.


Infinite Tan, Gardner, KS

Amanda was one of the first members of ASTP and one of our biggest supporters. Living just 10 miles from Shonna in another Kansas City suburb, after their first meeting for coffee they became fast friends. When Shonna finally accepted the realization that she simply cannot make ASTP all that it is capable of being without a little help, Amanda was her first choice. She has jumped at the opportunity and became Shonna's right-hand gal for all things ASTP related. You will see her around our social media as well as in communications regarding memberships and The Sunless Summit.


The ASTP Advisory Board was created in early 2017. As membership and events have grown, so did the need for a "sounding board" and a group of decision makers working in the best interest of ASTP members and Vendor Partners. These women have shown strong support for the ASTP mission over the last two years and recognize the need to bring our industry together. They help guide this organization and as our membership base grows, so too will the Advisory Board. 


Glowout, Chicago, IL


Toast®, Raleigh, NC


Baked, Philadelphia, PA