Burn Baby Burn: Five Tips to Avoid Busy Season Burnout | by Jenn Dieas

If you haven't been to Sunless Summit yet, then you may not know of this beautiful boss babe...but consider yourself lucky because you're about to be "in the know". 

Jenn Dieas is the owner of Glowout salon, a certified life coach, ASTP Advisory Board member and our resident zen guru. She's always providing us with different ways to look at our business and lives and each month, we're gonna share some of her juiciness with you!

The first topic she's tackling is burnout. Because no matter how much we LOVE busy season, by the end of it many of our members are left wondering what just hit them and how in the world they can keep doing this.

Jenn's serving up some easy tips and tricks to save your sanity and keep you moving forward. Keep reading and then leave your comments and takeaways below. Happy Busy Season, sunless babes! 


 Girl on the Glow: Jenn Dieas

Girl on the Glow: Jenn Dieas

I started my beauty business using public transit and word of mouth advertising in Chicago in 2007 with no education, no contacts, no money, no Instagram, no Uber. Just hustle. I hustled my ass off...literally.

Years of working like that left me feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. Burnout is real and it’s something I know intimately. It is defined as "the reduction of fuel or substance through use or combustion." Marinate on that for a minute.

When spring weather comes, so does the mental gymnastics of working in the service industry. A whirlwind of coordination, anxieties and excitement. A high volume of energy exchange that can push anyone to their limits.

Knowing our edges (limits) is essential to maintaining our sanity, especially in periods of intense work.

Keep in mind those edges can and do vary from person to person. I’m not advocating you stay away from them altogether either. Creativity tends to dance close to edges.

You risk a lot in order to live authentically. But there are ways to help avoid burnout...

Communicate Your Needs - And do it in a way others can hear them. This means if you have a team, invest regular time to communicate and collaborate. These are the people you purposely brought on to help you, let them do it! If you’re a solo boss...communicate with your damn self! What do you need to win? (See step 3)

Don’t Hate...Delegate - Ask for help and take action. Whoever is on your team needs a clear path to win. Delegate responsibilities and pass the brush to others. Check in regularly and hold each other accountable. Teamwork makes the dream work...literally.

Rituals & Routine - This is self-care, aka how you set yourself up for zen. Regular sleep, regular body movement, eating clean, and de-cluttering your physical and mental space. You will see me ‘gram the shit outta this because it works. Try it!

Do Your Thing - In a world of insta attention, it’s easy to get your vision hijacked with comparison. You start listening to every voice but your own. Or maybe yours isn’t fully developed yet...that totally happens and it’s all good. Life hack: Spend time doing things to encourage mental stimulation in areas you have genuine interest in, not what seems like the cool or next thing to do. Align your decisions with your inner knowing.

Have Fun! - Go and do the things you love to do. Granted, you’ll have limitations on your time, but prioritize fun and relaxation. That’s the reason we work!

Homework: Do you know where your limits are? An indication in your physical body is constriction. This is often referred to as "not being in flow." Look for tightness in your chest, stomach or holding your breath for quick reference using your body compass.

Read more about your body compass here from Martha Beck.

Click here to test and assess your burnout level.

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