ASTP Member Feature | Meet Chantal Bakker

ASTP is proud to have some really outstanding sunless business owners who make up our membership base. Each week, we feature one of our members so you can get to know them and their business.

This week we would like to introduce you to another one of our Canadian members, Chantal Bakker, owner of Blushing Vixen in Cornwall, ON.

Member Profile (2).png

Type of Business: Mobile, Home Studio

Amount of Time in Business: 6 months


Biz Social Media Links:
IG: @1BlushingVixen

Solution(s) I Love: California Tan & Norvell

Tools of the Trade: Fuji Spray Tan

What I Wear: Norvell Venetian & California Tan

I chose to be an airbrush tanner because: I wanted to be an inspiration to my daughters and to show them that you can go after your dreams at any age.

If I wasn’t an airbrush tanner I would be: Marketing Associate

My most embarrassing moment as a business owner: Hmm I am not sure yet... lol

Favorite social media outlet: Instagram & Snapchat

The one thing I could not live without for my biz: My clients, they are ALL so special to me, when they hug you because they feel amazing you know you've done it right!

The part of owning my own business I am not very good at: Bookkeeping

The one thing I wish I knew when I started my business: Patience...there are hills and valleys in any business.

Where I plan to be in five years: LA is a dream!

Business owners who inspire me: The Kardashians, love them or hate them, they're where they are because they have good business sense. You can't fake Forbes!

Quote I love:  I will endeavour to persevere

When I’m not working, I love to:  spend time with my family!

My favorite thing about owning my own business: The ability to create my own schedule.

The thing I dislike most about owning my own business:  I dont think there is anything yet, come back to me with that question after tax time! LOL

If I could share some wisdom with someone just getting started in this biz it would be: Just take the leap! Don't be scared, nothing ever starts out perfect!

Any parting words?: Starting your own busness is a work in progress, always keep learning, know that there is enough business in this world for everyone and remember to enjoy every minute of it!

A few of Chantal's favorite client photos...