ASTP Member Feature | Meet Megan Englen

ASTP is proud to have some really outstanding sunless business owners who make up our membership base. Each week, we feature one of our members so you can get to know them and their business.

This week, we'd like to introduce you to Megan Englen.  She owns Golden Glow by Megan in Newberg, OR. She has been in the industry 5 years, and has been on her own for 1.  We love her most embarrassing moment- because anyone who has used a spray tent knows...the struggle is real.

Member Profile (1).png

Type of Business: Retail Mobile

Amount of Time in Business: 5 Years

Biz Social Media Links:
IG: @goldenglowbymegan

Solution(s) I Love: I love Southseas Lava and Tahitian always looking to add more!

Tools of the Trade: Elite travel spray system from South Seas

What I Wear: South Seas

Best celebrity airbrush tan award goes to: Kim Kardashian & Abigail Ratchford

I chose to be an airbrush tanner because:  I love making women feel confident & beautiful! It’s an amazing industry to be in!

If I wasn’t an airbrush tanner I would be:  I would want to be in Fashion Marketing

My most embarrassing moment as a business owner:  I was doing a tan at a client's house and when we were all finished, I could not get my tent to fold back up! It felt like 20 mins of me sweating, trying to battle my tent. Finally, I just folded it once and shoved it in my car! She was great about it, but those tents have minds of their own!

Favorite social media outlet: Instagram

The one thing I could not live without for my biz: Social Media

The part of owning my own business I am not very good at: Marketing and getting my name out there

The one thing I wish I knew when I started my business: That it wasn’t always going to be easy and not always having a huge flow of clients all year long.

Where I plan to be in five years:  I would like a store front, not be just mobile and have more services.

Business owners who inspire me:  Kelly Meadows!

Quote I love:  Do what makes your soul happy.

When I’m not working, I love to: Spend time with my 3 girls and husband

My favorite thing about owning my own business: Being my own boss and scheduling

The thing I dislike most about owning my own business:  Not having enough time because I still work another job as well. But hoping for this to be my only career soon!

If I could share some wisdom with someone just getting started in this biz it would be: Give it time, let it grow and you’ll be where you want to be in this business!

Any parting words?: Being a part of this industry is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t wait to grow my business!

A few of Megan's favorite client photos...