ASTP Member Feature | Meet Susan Brand

ASTP is proud to have some really outstanding sunless business owners who make up our membership base. Each week, we feature one of our members so you can get to know them and their business.

This week, you'll meet Susan Brand, owner of Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning in Port St. Lucie, FL.  

Type of Business: Mobile, Home Studio

Amount of Time in Business: 5 years in Florida


Biz Social Media Links:
IG:  @healthyglowairbrushtan

Solution(s) I Love: Perfect Glow Sunless

Tools of the Trade: Maximist

What I Wear: Dark Chocolate 12% or Rapid Tan

I chose to be an airbrush tanner because: Working in the medical field as a surgical coordinator, we dealt with tons of melanoma patients. They wouldn't feel pretty after surgeries, so I would bring them home and do their hair and makeup. Before I moved to Florida, I had a salon where I airbrushed clients when the gun was the size of a pen! So I decided to start spraying again! As I worked for the surgeon, I built my business part time in the evenings.

My most embarrassing moment as a business owner: When I sprayed the client with moisture lock instead of solution and could not figure out why she wasnt tan!

Favorite social media outlet: Instagram

The one thing I could not live without for my biz: my incredible need for total organization.

The one thing I wish I knew when I started my business: This list would be endless, but probably to never underestimate your worth.

Where I plan to be in five years: Continuing to teach enthusiastic newcomers to the industry.

Business owners who inspire me: Melissa Weinberg, Rachel Jenkins, Shonna Dexter, Heather Boss

When I’m not working, I love to: Go boating

My favorite thing about owning my own business: Making my own hours.

The thing I dislike most about owning my own business: Paperwork

If I could share some wisdom with someone just getting started in this biz it would be: Hold on tight, don't give up, we all have been there!

A few of Susan's favorite client photos...