ASTP Member Feature | Meet Teresa Hickey

ASTP is proud to have some really outstanding sunless business owners who make up our membership base. Each week, we feature one of our members so you can get to know them and their business.

Teresa Hickey owns Soleil Airbrush Tanning in Oklahoma City, OK.  She has been in the Sunless Industry for 5 years and truly understands the term "Sunless Sister". Teresa also has a killer quote that really applies to life and business!

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Type of Business: Retail Storefront

Amount of Time in Business: 5 Years


Biz Social Media Links:
IG: @soleilairbrushokc

Solution(s) I Love: Bella Bronze and 2 other lines

Tools of the Trade: Maximist Ultra Premiere Compressor and Apollo guns/ Fantasy Tan Booth

What I Wear: I am usually sprayed with Bella Bronze Violet 14% or another brand 14%. Always rinse in 4-6hrs

Best celebrity airbrush tan award goes to: JLo

I chose to be an airbrush tanner because:  I wanted to do something with my extra time to earn a few extra dollars and do something to help people feel better about themselves.

If I wasn’t an airbrush tanner I would be:  Volunteering

My most embarrassing moment as a business owner:  I am totally drawing a blank! I know there's been something!

Favorite social media outlet: IG

The one thing I could not live without for my biz:  SUPPORT from having a sister to bounce business off of daily who “gets it” since she’s in the business and other sunless artists to process and bounce ideas off of…

The part of owning my own business I am not very good at: Selecting employees. Aye, yae, yae. Delegating is always a challenge as well.

The one thing I wish I knew when I started my business: Learn to delegate early on and seek help for my personal weaknesses in business instead of stretching myself so thin.

Where I plan to be in five years:  Licensing my business & a solution and prep/post tanning product line

Business owners who inspire me:  Jen Dias & my sis, Jen Lampton

Quote I love: "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes"

When I’m not working, I love to: Spend time with my daughter, friends and family

My favorite thing about owning my own business: Feeling of accomplishment that I’ve built this business from the ground up.

The thing I dislike most about owning my own business:  There’s always a challenge dealing with employees, etc…

If I could share some wisdom with someone just getting started in this biz it would be: Stay organized with your business affairs so you are prepared as you grow. It takes a lot of grit to begin and succeed in this business. However, if you are diligent, detailed with your work & take pride in your work, you will grow. It takes time, but just put one foot in front of the other, research, stay on the cutting edge and go for it! Most importantly, seek balance in the process. Slow and steady!

Any parting words?: I am so grateful for this group of women and the support everyone offers.

A few of Teresa's favorite client photos...