The Sunless Summit 2018 Update - We Need Your Help!

Planning is underway for the industry’s second ever event for sunless-only professionals, The Sunless Summit. But, fact is that we just can’t make any final decisions without a little help from all of you.

Here’s the deal.

 Sunless Summit 2017 attendees at our pre-conference get together

Sunless Summit 2017 attendees at our pre-conference get together

In order to reserve a venue and hotel rooms for attendees, we need to have some sort of idea how many people to plan for. But because this event is so new...that’s next to impossible!

Last year we were under a time crunch and only had a few months to put it all together. We booked what we could and just went for it. And then as word spread about the event, we had to turn people away because we just didn’t have the space. We’re trying to avoid that this year and plan a bigger, better and longer event...that’s why we’ve decided to implement a new “registration deposit” for The Sunless Summit 2018.

Here’s how it works:

  • You heard how awesome The Sunless Summit 2017 was so you think you’re interested in attending next year even though the speakers, dates and location aren’t confirmed. (You know it will be good!)

  • You click the button at the bottom of the page, then when you're redirected you scroll down and click the “Sunless Summit 2018 Registration Deposit” link.

  • You add it to your cart and pay the $20.

  • You are now guaranteed a spot to sign up during the “early bird registration” for the event once dates, location and speakers are confirmed.

  • Your deposit will be applied to your registration cost.

  • If you choose not to attend after the details are confirmed, your deposit WILL NOT be refunded, but instead will be donated to Skin Cancer Foundation.

Essentially, this deposit system is a way for us to gauge overall interest in the event and it’s your way of telling us, “Hey, I think I’d like to attend”. We want to ensure as many professionals can attend in 2018 as possible, so we need to be sure we are booking enough space.

And even though the details are not confirmed, here’s what we do know so far:

  • We are aiming for mid to late-January 2018 dates.

  • We are looking at having registration late Sunday and wrapping up the event around mid-day Wednesday.

  • Cost of attendance is one of our top priorities. Registration costs and contracted hotel rooms will be kept as reasonably priced as possible to accommodate as many attendees as possible. (Though, you can always try to find a roommate through the private Facebook group we will have for attendees to cut down on cost.)

  • We hope to have an entire day of the event devoted to allowing you to interact and learn from as many sunless product and service vendors as possible. Day two will be dedicated to learning from your peers and professionals from other industries.

  • We hope to cater to everyone by having a variety of speakers focusing on the different stages of business growth.

  • We are looking at many different cities throughout the southern part of the US and much of our decision on location will be based on ease of travel for as many as possible, as well as cost.

  • Our goal is to bring as many attendees together as possible. The best way to guarantee your spot and to let us know you really hope to be there is to pay a registration deposit!

 The North carolina contingent with featured speaker, katie quinn of kona tans, at sunless summit 2017

The North carolina contingent with featured speaker, katie quinn of kona tans, at sunless summit 2017

We know you’re going to have questions about all of please post them below! We will respond as we are able.

Also, we will soon be posting the application for speakers. Our planning committee will be reviewing them and choosing this year’s speaker lineup and topics. If you’re interested in speaking, start thinking about a topic and developing a short synopsis of what you would cover. We would love to have you! now have until May 21 to pay your registration deposit and guarantee your spot at The Sunless Summit 2018! We hope to see you there!

Shonna Dexter, Founder, ASTP & The Sunless Summit