New ASTP Vendor Partner: Dermasuri Inc.

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Known as Hollywood’s red carpet beauty secret to create flawless glowing skin, Dermasuri exfoliating products are globally preferred by tanning professionals, makeup artists and beauty editors. 

The Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt is a game changer in the sunless tanning industry! The mitt preps the skin for a sunless tan application by first creating a deep exfoliation, resulting fresh, smooth, and blotchless skin - an open canvas. 

The sunless sprays or lotions can absorb better and provide an even application. This exfoliation allows longer lasting sunless results and the ability to start fresh again right before your next scheduled service.

Celebrity tanning experts, such as Jenni Blafer, use Dermasuri as a staple to provide high-end Sunless Tanning results for her VIP clients, as seen on E! Online.

Glamour Magazine calls the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt “one of the fastest, most effective ones we've tried recently.” Dermasuri was recently mentioned in Vogue, won Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Cosmo Beauty Award for Best Exfoliator, and is used to prep the contestants for their spray tans in Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA and bodybuilding competitions around the world.

ere is demonstration of the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt  in actio:

The gray rolls shown here are layers of dead skin coming off. Healthy skin is instantly revealed without the use of any chemicals, acids, or machines - just mitt and water only!

Dermasuri recently launched the Rice Milk Face Exfoliator - contains rice milk for brightening, uses exfoliation ingredients popular in Japan, that create a polymer that gently rolls off dry skin and moisturizers which include Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.


Bringing Beauty secrets of the East to the West. 

Dermasuri uses ancient Eastern beauty ingredients and rituals, passed down by generations, in its distinctive line of products. Glowing and refreshed skin are the results of a blend of highly curated ingredients used by beauty enthusiasts over time.

Eastern rituals and ingredients have long since been a mystery for centuries to outsiders. Eastern beauty enthusiasts relied on what nature provided, using natural elements such as flowers, herbs and plants in their beauty regimens. Dermasuri products source ancient beauty secrets from ancient  Egypt, Turkey, Korea and Japan, that time may have forgotten but Dermasuri brings back into light.

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