Introducing ASTP's Newest Vendor Partner: Wear & Away

ASTP is proud to welcome Wear & Away as a new Vendor Partner. Wear & Away is a unique line of clothing and accessories designed for post-spray tan. Wear & Away offers a free sample and 5% off wholesale pricing to ASTP members. Check them out at!

Wear & Away – Smart & Stylish Clothing & Accessories Designed for Post Spray Tan

Do you have clients that forget to bring something besides the jeans or leggings they walked in with to wear after spray tanning resulting in totally ruining your flawless application? Wear and Away has the simple-yet-genius solution for this. It is a set of products that are designed to protect your tan from application through to shower.

The collection includes ‘Little Tan Dress” — a comfortable dress that you can wear after a spray tan or any home or salon treatment (instead of having to bring “loose-fitting, dark clothing” that you still end up ruining anyway), Wear & Away Unisex drawstring pants, Wear & Away Robe that is great for mobile tanning, Little Tan Stickies to provide coverage where you want it, a Sheet Protector Set to avoid staining your sheets and more…

Made of eco-friendly materials that will not stick to the tanning solution, the products are affordable ($14.99 - $19.99 retail) reusable,  travel-friendly and recyclable in your home bin.

Wear & Away products are great for the everyday spray tanner, girl’s night out and bridal spray tan party, mobile tanning, fitness competition tanning and many other home and salon treatments.

Wear & Away would like to suggest including our products at wholesale as part of a Total Tan Package.


Want to give that someone special in your life a great Mother’s Day / Birthday / Bridal gift? The Total Tan Kit offers a No Stress Solution to all your spray tanning needs.

3-5 Sessions (up to salon)
“Little Tan Dress” to wear home and reuse for all sessions
5 Pack of “Little Tan Stickies” to use during your tan
Wear & Away Sheet Protector set – No more stained sheets!

The total cost of the Wear & Away products at wholesale is $27-$29 depending on the dress selected.


Finally, products for the man who likes to tan!

3-5 Sessions (up to salon)
Wear & Away Drawstring pants
Wear & Away Sheet Protector set – No more stained sheets!

The total cost of the Wear & Away products at wholesale is $27. Option to include Wear & Away long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt.