In order to ensure and promote integrity in the sunless tanning profession, ASTP expects all members to abide by and respect the standards of conduct contained within this Code of Ethical Practices. While each member’s personal values and morals are held in highest regard, this document acts as a minimum of the association’s expectations of industry professionals in order to be considered for membership and certification by ASTP.

  1. Promote positive awareness of the sunless tanning industry and always encourage the highest level of integrity.
  2. Know and promote Food & Drug Administration guidelines for safe spray tanning for consumers including making available all protective measures as recommended by the FDA.
  3. Provide high-quality services and treat all clients with the utmost professionalism, privacy and respect.
  4. Ensure all advertising, marketing and sales promotions are truthful and factually accurate.
  5. Under no circumstances use or edit in any way another professional’s photos or marketing materials, including social media posts, without express consent granted by the owner or representative of said photos and marketing materials or proper credit given.
  6. Ensure safe and sanitary conditions for all consumers.
  7. Proudly represent ASTP, its positions, policies and especially fellow ASTP members.

ASTP reserves the right to update this document to ensure a high standard of professionalism within the sunless tanning industry at any time.