Spray Tanning is Like Going Gluten Free | By Brandi Tindall

A couple of weeks ago I came upon this blog by Beauty Business Coach, Brandi Tindall, and it so resonated with me I asked her if we could re-post.

This just might be the best analogy I’ve ever found for the challenge some clients may have with adopting a sunless lifestyle over their old UV-loving ways. Hope you find it useful, too.

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Here it is folks…the perfect analogy for transitioning to the spray tan & sunless tanning industry.

If you’ve gone gluten free, you might know what I mean when I say “Spray tanning is like going gluten free.”

Years ago, I went gluten free for a period of time. Haven’t we all?! ;)

At that time, I was of course trying to find all the best gluten free substitutions for things like bread, muffins, cake etc. And just like most people who are making the switch, I was initially disappointed because I was trying to find non wheat flour products that tasted like wheat flour products.

Beauty Business Coach, Brandi Tindall

Beauty Business Coach, Brandi Tindall

My friend Abby who has been gluten free for years gave me the best advice. She said “Just give up the fact that gluten free foods will not taste anything like regular. Remove it out of your head. They can’t taste like gluten filled foods because they don’t have gluten in them! Just find the best gluten free foods that you like.”

She was so right! Once I made the switch in my head to focus on all of the variety in front of me and treat each new gluten free food like it was it’s own thing, I was able to find some really awesome substitutions!

So now what does this have to do with spray tanning?

In the spray tan industry we often hear clients or new to spray tanning clients say that their tan doesn’t look like a “real tan” (aka a UV tan). And you know what? They are right.

Just like how gluten free bread has no gluten, your new found tan alternative doesn’t have any of the harmful UV rays!

It doesn’t look like a “real” tan because it isn’t a “real” tan!

Spray Tanning & UV tanning are 2 different processes and create 2 completely different results.

My advice? Find a knowledgeable spray tan artist & company that offers you a personalized consultation and has options to work with your unique skin tone & tanning preference. There are incredible product lines available these days along with knowledgeable spray tan/airbrush artists that will make the transition from UV tanning to spray tanning a breeze. And remember, spray tanning is about enhancing your skin colour, not changing your race… but that’s a post for another day! ;)

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