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You spoke and we listened.

Each year after Sunless Summit, we survey attendees to get a feel for what you like…and what we can do better. We knew that in order to continue to bring our more “advanced” industry professionals to this event, we needed to provide more advanced topics and trainings from speakers outside of our own industry.

Enter the Next Level Track.

What is it?
Each year from here on out, Sunless Summit will offer an entire day of workshops and sessions dedicated to those who are ready to take their business to “The Next Level”. These sessions will focus on professional and business development and helping those who are a little further along in their journeys to bring to fruition whatever may be next for them.

Who can attend?
Anyone. We aren’t into putting parameters on who can soak up this information because everyone is on their own journey. However, these sessions are definitely geared toward those who have employees, are interested in product development, have added additional services or multiple locations…or are looking to set their businesses up to do these things in the coming year. *Please note: Next Level Track is limited to 50 attendees! If you aren’t 100% sure you’re ready to put this information to use…please don’t register and allow the opportunity to someone who is ready.

What’s the cost?
There is a $175 fee on top of the general registration fee of $299 for Sunless Summit for this track. This includes attendance at all sessions listed below and the private networking session on Tuesday night.

Next Level Track presented by AYU
Schedule of Events
All sessions will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 22

Get a Grip Workshop : Business Execution Simplified
Presented by : Brent Sprinkle, True North Business Navigation

In this hands-on workshop you’ll walk away with a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools being used by thousands of leadership teams to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision – the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®). Participants in this dynamic workshop will learn and execute tools that support:

  • Building your vision, your plan and getting it shared by all - the Vision/Traction Organizer

  • Getting the Right People in the Right Seats - the People Analyzer & GWC

  • Getting the right structure in place – the Accountability Chart

  • Creating a 90 day world for your organization and maintaining a laser focus – the Rocks

  • Having an absolute pulse on your business – the Scorecard

  • Magnifying your ability to solve issues - the Issue Solving Track

  • Executing effective quarterly and Weekly Meetings – the Meeting Pulse

This workshop delivers engaging and actionable content that will energize business leaders who are driven to improve their businesses AND the quality of their lives.


About Brent…
An inspiring speaker and master facilitator, Brent Sprinkle has used EOS to help business owners transform their visions into viable, successful businesses.

“I'm a business execution guide - not a consultant. I teach business owners how to use a process and some simple tools and then get out of the way. I don’t embed myself in their business - I ‘teach them how to fish’. The EOS® model & tools are being used by over 5000 businesses, it's not one ounce of theory. It's proven, it's simple, and it works.

I believe – most business owners have vision for where they’re going and a passion to get there, but struggle to communicate and infuse this into their people. I believe – most people want to work in a role where they get to do what they are uniquely qualified to do, every single day. I know how to make this happen – and it truly changes people’s lives.”

*This 90-minute session will also include a workbook and a copy of the book “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business” by Gino Wickman.

Product Development from Conception to Market
Presented by: Kristin Adams, CEO of Afterglow Cosmetics

Kristin Adams.jpg

In this 60-minute session, Kristin will give attendees a quick, but comprehensive, outline of the different ways, levels and resources for cosmetic product development - from the simplest, turn-key products to the most customized and involved - focusing on the benefits and challenges of each.

About Kristin…
”I am a strategic visionary, healer and creator through the medium of business. 

In 2004, I founded my first company, the natural color cosmetics brand Afterglow Cosmetics, while I was working at a tech start-up. I drew on my artistic background in fine arts and developed the Afterglow product line in response to my own need for color cosmetics, that addressed my personal, ethical, and allergy-based requirements, encompassing certified organic ingredients, gluten-free focus, and apoptogenic formulations over a decade before they hit the mainstream collective consciousness. 

As the founder and CEO of a small company, I quickly became very well versed in all aspects of running a profitable, well-managed business. My vision for trend-spotting, my deep understanding of the end-to-end product development process and e-commerce logistics, my knowledge of the natural cosmetic industry and consumer psychographics, cosmetic import/export, specialty ingredients and cosmetic safety laws have also moved me into a role as a Private Equity Advisor, Strategic Consultant, Branding & Product Development Consultant, Speaker and Coach.”

Other industry-specific sessions and speakers include…

Employee Management & Engagement : How to Lead Your Team with Heart
Presented by: Jenn Dieas, Glowout

Many of us begin our sunless journeys as solopreneurs with the dream of just being able to pay our bills doing a job we love. Then the business grows beyond what we’re able to handle on our own and we’re faced with the prospect of hiring people to help. But finding the right person or people is just the beginning. Jenn will walk you through the steps she takes to ensure she’s finding the right vibe for her salon as well as what happens once they’re hired, how she molds them into a team, and how she helps them do their best work with their clients every day.

Taking Your Biz to the Next Level : What’s Your Next Best Step?
Panel Discussion

We’ll take a look at the four most common ways sunless businesses choose to grow: product development, licensing, additional locations and adding services…and examine the pros and cons of each from those who have been there and done that. Thinking of heading down one of these routes? Ask questions and find your answers from other industry pros.

Next Level Track is limited to 50 attendees!

Registration is now available on the ASTP member portal.
You MUST have purchased a general Summit registration prior to registering for Next Level.