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Things to Consider Before Hiring Your First Employee
Presented by: Cara Duchesne, Nexus Accounting (Gardner, KS) & Brenna Holt, Toast (Raleigh, NC)
Cara will give you a rundown on the financial, tax and insurance issues that should be considered before hiring. Brenna will examine everything that goes into hiring the RIGHT employees for your business. If you think you're ready to get out of the world of being a solopreneur, don't miss this session!

Beyond the Business of Bronze
Presented by: Anna Kelly & Alexa Mornell, Luminosity (Philadelphia, PA)
Anna and Alexa will speak to their experience in pairing other services with their sunless tanning business to reach a wider market and maximize client retention. If you've considered adding services, Anna and Alexa will share how they've successfully done just that.

Understanding Your Profit & Loss Statement & Other Confusing Topics in Accounting
Presented by: Cara Duchesne, Nexus Accounting (Gardner, KS)
Cara will walk you through a Profit & Loss statement and exactly what all of those things mean! She also welcomes you to join in the conversation by submitting your accounting questions prior to the session to be answered during her presentation.

The Mobile Transition: How Melanie Richards Went from Mobile to Multiple Locations
Presented by: Melanie Richards, GoGlow (Minneapolis, MN & Chicago, IL)
Think you're ready to make the leap from the world of mobile tanning to a standalone location? Melanie will walk you through how she knew it was time to make the transition and how she has maintained the mobile side of her business while still expanding to multiple locations and growing the GoGlow reach.

Giving Back: Good for Your Community and Your Business
Presented by: Jenny Schneider, Apres Soleil (Walnut Creek, CA)
Learn how to boost your community involvement and provide valuable indirect marketing opportunities. Jenny will talk about the development of Apres Soleil's signature event, Meet Me in Miami, a South Beach-themed fundraiser that brings the community together to raise awareness about the importance of early detection in the fight against melanoma. The money raised is dedicated to providing support services to people in her community and their families who have melanoma.

Bigger Isn't Always Better: The Case for Staying Small
Presented by: Trish Pariseau, The Local Bombshell (Janesville, IA)
Trish is going to get real about the perils of going too big, too fast. This girl has gone through the wringer with her business, learned a lot of lessons along the way...and lived to tell about it. Trish will share the mistakes she made in the beginning and how she regrouped to make her comeback. Prepare to be inspired!

The Mobile Panel
A session designed specifically to examine the pros and cons of the mobile tanning business. Submit your questions and challenges prior to the event and we will facilitate a conversation that helps mobile sunless entrepreneurs solve the problems that only you know and understand.

Just Getting Started: How Industry Pros Survived Their First Three Years
This panel discussion will feature industry pros who have "been there, done that". If you're newer to the industry and struggling to build your business, this is your chance to hear how others have struggled...and persevered! Submit your questions and challenges prior to the event and we will facilitate a conversation that will leave you inspired and believing that you can do it, too. (Because you can!)

Social media, marketing and branding will all be discussed, too. The planning committee is still looking for the perfect people to present on these topics so stay tuned as we add more sessions in the coming weeks!

*Please note: Speaker lineup and topics are subject to change.