We're doing it again! And this time it's going to be bigger and better than before!

Association of Sunless Tanning Professionals is proud to bring sunless-only providers from across the globe together in one place to learn from each other and grow. In addition, this year we are inviting sunless product and service companies to join us. What will commence is two and a half days of education and networking that is unparalleled in the industry. 

Important note! You must be a sunless-only business to register for The Sunless Summit. ASTP and our members are committed to remaining a sunless-only organization, therefore ASTP membership is required for registration to ensure our sunless-only stance is upheld. We encourage those who offer UV as well as sunless services to attend the ASA World Summit in Nashville.

Ready to take your sunless business to the next level? 
Here's how some Sunless Summit 2017 attendees have grown in the last six months!

“Honestly, it feels like a miracle! I’ve been in business since 2009 and really struggled to build the way I had hoped. I decided to take a chance on the inaugural Sunless Summit and I am so glad I did. I have tripled the number of appointments I’m doing each month since returning home and implementing some of the things that were taught. The difference for me has been the marketing techniques I learned...along with the excitement and confidence that came with being surrounded by other sunless pros. This event truly changed my life...not just my business.”
- Lucy Salguero, Tanning Luxe, Fresno, CA


“I came home from The Sunless Summit 2017 and got to work. I implemented a membership program that has increased referrals along with retail sales revenue. I also added a new solution line that I heard about at Summit and it has been a big hit with many of my clients. I’m pre-registered for 2018, of course!” 
- Jenny Schneider, Apres Soleil Airbrush Tanning, Walnut Creek, CA

“My revenue is up 49% from last year and we’re only halfway through the year! I loved Christina’s presentation on branding at The Sunless Summit 2017 and it really encouraged me step up my game this spring. I also read a book that was recommended at Summit (Profit First) and all I can say is...life changing. See you in 2018!”
- Kate Cryder, Gypsy Lee Rose, Columbus, MS

“When I first learned about The Sunless Summit 2017 it was sold out. :( So when the extra spaces opened up...I knew I wanted in! I scrambled and got everything together and went alone...knowing not a single person there. It was worth every single penny. I will be back every year and am bringing one of my managers with me this time around (I pre-registered to make sure of it!). I took many bits and pieces from Summit and I definitely attribute some of our growth this year to it. One of my biggest changes was switching solution product lines to one I heard about at Summit and had never heard of before. It has been one of the best changes I made for my salons to date. Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds!”
- Lauren Gregory, Grand City Tanning, Grand Rapids, MI

"The Sunless Summit allowed me to meet some awesome and inspiring women. Women I have looked up to in the online world for years! It was so empowering! Fast forward six months after the event and I have added five new staff members and a second location. I had dreamed of a second location for years, but was afraid to take the leap. After leaving The Sunless Summit, I knew I could do it and just two weeks later, I had signed a lease! Today, both of our locations are performing better than I could have dreamed. I can't wait to see where we're at when The Sunless Summit 2018 rolls around. I know I'll be there!"
- Amanda Chan, Water2Moon, Babylon & Port Jefferson, NY

"My business changed a lot after the Summit. I felt more secure in the industry and decided to start training others and started a membership program to help grow my own business. The way I do and view social media has changed for the better because of the things I learned and because of all of this I am becoming recognized as the best in my area. I went to Summit a little spray tan girl and left with the confidence to be a spray tan artist empire. I am so much more confident!"
- Denise Ginzel, The Tan Bar, London, Ontario

Wonder what the Sunless Summit experience is like?
Check out this video Kelly Callaghan of Spray Tan Class compiled of her
experience at last year's event!

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